Are you looking for ways to lower your customer acquisition cost?


Of course you are! Everybody is always looking for ways to cut costs and increase profits.


As a start-up you have a great product and/or service that you want to bring to the market as quickly as possible. Your investors believe in your product and/or service and are there to help you grow as quickly as possible. Growing as quickly as you do means that not everything will be as efficient and effective as you would like, but growing has priority to force your competitors out of the market.


When you have reached the point where your start-up is well established in the market, it will be time to focus on profitability. Your investors will start taking about terms like “Customer Acquisition Cost” and “Customer Lifetime Value”. These two terms determine if your company is going to be profitable after your incredible growth.


The “Customer Acquisition Cost” is the cost you make in order to convince a potential customer to buy your product and/or service. In most start-ups this convincing is done by their sales force and that is where Theunissens Sales Training comes in.


Theunissens Sales Training can help you lower your Customer Acquisition Cost!

The Theunissens Sales Training is designed to make your sales force more effective and efficient in their contact with your potential customers. Training your sales force to use the right techniques will result in them being able to spend more time on potential customers that are likely to buy, by spending less time trying to convince the wrong contacts and/or companies.


The way this 1-day training does this is simple. This training will help your sales force with:
- Getting a look into how their potential customers perceive their call, so they can use this to their advantage
- Structuring their cold calls, so they can guide the conversation
- Writing an invite that lowers last minute cancellations or no-shows
- A way for qualifying out bad leads as soon as possible
- Sales tools that can help them be more efficient
- Making them look more credible on LinkedIn
- Creating content for LinkedIn that pulls leads towards them


With these tips and tricks under their belt they will become the sales force to drive down your “Customer Acquisition Cost” and show your investors that you are on your way towards an IPO!

The way to this success starts with you filling out the contact form below. We will review your situation and come back to you as soon as possible.