Did you carve out a clear path towards your start-ups’ IPO?


Or do you still need some guidance?


Your start-up started as an idea, something that you saw that could be done better. You believed in this idea so much that you started convincing people to help you. Help you prove that it is possible to build a company around this idea. After building a concept of your product and/or service and finding investors, you are now growing your start-up as quickly as possible. You want to force your competitors out of the market. But what is your goal after that?


Your goal, like for most start-up’s is to become profitable, go IPO or both.

Who doesn’t want to be the entrepreneur who’s start-up is talked about as the one who made it towards the stock-market. Proving that your idea was right and now has grown to a successful company that is making money.


But you are already experiencing it, going from fast growing start-up towards well established company that can go IPO is no easy task. A lot of processes need to be implemented, workflows need to be streamlined and profitability needs to be within your grasp. You need guidance in transforming your start-up, somebody who can show you the path towards your start-ups’ IPO.


This is where Theunissens Start-Up Consulting comes in. During this 1-Day on-site consulting session we will go over everything that is holding you back and show you how to get past it, so you can reach your goals and can become the successful entrepreneur that makes his mark on this world!


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